Better Photos Tell Better Stories

Sharing your club's story about a project, program or just a bunch of Rotarians together having fun is significantly enhanced by a few good photos.  Taking "THE" photo that tells the story isn't as difficult as it may seem.  Here's some great advice from the web site -

Taking consistently good photographs is about eliminating the bad habits that lead to poor shots. The problem is that most people don't know what constitutes a bad photography habit, let alone fix one.

On the other hand, once you eliminate some of your more obvious bad habits (and all of us have them!), your photography will naturally improve.

What are the most obvious bad photography habits? Here's three of the ones that we think are the more common problems that can be easily fixed!

  1. Not Holding Your Camera Properly - Supporting your camera properly will ensure you don't get the shakes and get unwanted motion in your shots. Don't hold your breath, exhale just before your snap the shutter.
        - How to hold a camera -
  2. Not Getting Close - Probably the most frequent challenge with photographers is that they don't fill the frame with their subject. Walk up to the subject and get closer then use your zoom to fill the frame as much as possible!
  3. Not Composing the Shot - A simple technique here is to simply point your camera in slightly different angles around the subject you want to take in order to see what looks better.  Not every photo needs to be taken at eye-level, shoot from a lower or higher angle to add interest to your photography. Tilt the camera up and down, to the left and right. Remember the rule of thirds and then take the shot. Easy!
        - Rule of Thirds -

Now, as with any "rule" there are always going to be exceptions and times when the rule should be broken. Consider them guidelines rather than set in stone rules.

As always, practice makes perfect so get out there and start shooting!

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