Liability Insurance


The U.S. Rotary Club and District Liability Insurance Program (Program) automatically provides U.S. Rotary clubs and districts with general liability (GL) and directors & officers/employment practices liability (D&O/EPL) insurance.  It is paid for by U.S. Rotarians on the July Semiannual Dues Invoice payable by each club to Rotary International.

Where to Go?  Insurance Information Portal
For the certificate of insurance, insurance policies, summaries, forms, and loss control guidelines, it is highly encouraged to visit the Insurance Information Portal:

Username: Rotarian
Password: Resources#1

Note: Username and password are case-sensitive.  This portal is for U.S. Rotary club/district use only.

Connecting with Clubs -Annual Mailing to U.S. Rotary Club Officers

Risk Management has emailed an annual insurance update to all U.S. Rotary club officers* on record; however, most clubs wont receive this message. Click here to view the message that was sent to U.S. Rotary club officers (login above).  To ensure that all clubs are aware of their insurance coverage, your district is encouraged to include a note in your next district-wide communication about this insurance Program.

Connecting with Districts - District Insurance Representative (DIR) Dave Davidson

We have requested that each district select and report one insurance representative to Risk Management.  We hope that the DIR can help raise awareness about the Program in your district and direct those who have questions about insurance appropriately (to the Insurance Information Portal, insurance broker (Lockton), Risk Management). This is an informal role to help ensure all U.S. Rotarians know about the Program.

Rotary District 6150's Risk Management Representative:
  Email Will Branch, Rotary Club of Jonesboro - 870-931-1005

Need to Report Claims?  Incident Reporting

Report all incidents that may lead to a claim or lawsuit to Risk Management at or by fax to (847) 556-2147. The Incident Report form is available on the Insurance Information Portal. If your district or a U.S. club in your district is served with a lawsuit, please contact Risk Management immediately.
Julita Brzozowska
Risk Manager, Rotary International

Insurance Broker
(800) 921-3172
Risk Management

    Scott Meise
    Assistant Risk Manager
    (847) 424-5245
    Julita Brzozowska
    Risk Manager
    (847) 424-5394

    Jodi Steel
    Claims Manager
    (847) 866-3125

**U.S. Club Officers = President, Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Secretary/Director.  This message was sent to the U.S. District Governor and U.S. District Executive Secretary.  A message was sent to your districts DIR last week as well.   

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